Aura Glow Lil Bruh Gwop Music Lyrics

Aura Glow Lil Bruh Gwop Song Lyrics - Lil Bruh Gwop Lyrics

Singer Lil Bruh Gwop
Singer YungJZAisDead
Music Lil Bruh Gwop
Song Writer YungJZAisDead

Lil Bruh Gwop:
Kiss me by the bugs in the porchlight
She don't talk back, just hold me tight
& Under moonlight that's when you shine, ya
Make another wish, call it goodnight
That's what you’d like
Diamonds in the moonlight
Heart beat froze watch me sitting on the curbside
イチ バン ハ テンシ, what you act like
When i die roll me up & send me where the stars shine

Saw your Aura Glow, feel like a ghost
Yes I know, ghosts in the walls but I ain't scared at all
Watch me float around, as if you heard the sound
My baby stay ten toes way above the ground
We can hit the town, watch the stars fall down
My hеarts slowed up, I don't even need this town
Talk too much you bе speeding like, whoa
My hearts slowed up, I don't need nobody else!

Lil Skil:

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